Refresher Courses

Its not fair if you are working 9-5, Monday to Friday, and your driving instructor is too!​  We work in the evening once you are home, and also at weekends so as to give you the flexibility you need around your busy schedule.

Maybe you haven't driven much since your test and you want to brush up on your driving skills.  Our roads are getting busier and ever more complex so it helps if you update your skills every now and again to keep abreast with the latest changes.  We will assess your driving and then provide helpful pointers on where you can improve.



We know how hard it can be for students financially.  We can help shoulder the burden by providing a special discount to get you started on your driving lessons.


Are you someone who thrives under pressure?  We can offer intensive sessions to help you learn more quickly.  Whether it is for two days or six, we will accommodate you and get you ready for your driving test.  We will even give you a discount if you make a block booking!

We also offer a Short Notice Test package where you have a test in a matter of days and wish to brush up on your skills before taking the test.

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Intensive Courses

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